ISLAMABAD -  In order to resolve the pending land issue between the Sindh government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a parliamentary accountability body Monday asked the Sindh Board of Revenue to carry out demarcation of land and submit report within a week.

Reviewing the audit objections related to the decades old pending issue of land, the sub-committee of PAC ordered demarcation of the costly land. The committee, chaired by Shahida Akhtar Ali, asked the Sindh Revenue Board to submit a detailed report within a week to the committee. Audit officials informed that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had written a letter to Ministry of Defence about the land in 2010. In the letter, it was mentioned that this was land of CAA. Members of BOARD of Revenue of Sindh said that they had not documents in their possession. On it, the convenor of the committee asked for the demarcation of the land. She also ordered to submit report within a week.