ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Monday carried out off-runway operations from multiple locations along the motorways and highways of the country.

A PAF spokesperson said that PAF fighter aircraft successfully made landings at different locations on the roads and took off after refueling and re-arming.

Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed, along with senior civil and military officials, was present to witness this air exercise.

The exercise was conducted to demonstrate the capability of PAF in being able to sustain high tempo air operations, the statement said. Country’s air force had also exercised landing and takeoffs at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway last month when Pakistan was at the brink of war with India. But the exercises conducted yesterday were even more extensive in terms of location of landings and takeoffs. The allied battle-relevant operations like refueling and rearming were also more wide-ranging this time. The ability to operate from non-conventional points provides a crucial leverage to the PAF as in case of destruction of airports and runways in a war, the air force can operate even from the ground traffic arteries of the country.

The capabilities of PAF can be gauged from the fact that last month the Indian Air Force also tried to land its planes on highways but failed in the attempt.

The PAF also proved its mettle last month when it shot down two IAF aircraft in a dogfight at the Line of Control in Kashmir, as part of Pakistan’s response to the unprovoked Indian aggression.