Earlier this week, Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow barred the cabinet from asking MPs to vote on the Brexit agreement once more, stressing that the deal must be fundamentally changed.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay announced Tuesday that the UK would need a short extension to Brexit, noting, however, that due to the third vote on the Brexit deal being blocked in House of Commons, a vote on the ruling would not likely be held this week.

"I think the ruling from the speaker has raised the bar and I think that makes it more unlikely the vote will be this week", the minister told Sky. "You can have the same motion but where the circumstances have changed."

He said that the Parliament must deliver a Brexit vote, adding, however, that right now the current plan is the only deal on the table. 

Barclay also vigorously ruled out the possibility of involving Queen Elizabeth in order to cut short the parliamentary session.

Last week, the UK legislators voted in favour of seeking to delay the country’s departure from the EU and against leaving the bloc with no deal in place. Following the vote, May was barred from offering MPs a deal without cardinal changes, so the British Prime Minister is expected to start a new round of negotiations with EU officials