While sane voices are calling for a show of global unity in the fight against coronavirus, the United States (US) and China have locked their heads in a blame war. When the coronavirus looks set to inaugurate a turbulent new political and economic era, the two global powers accusing each other of spreading the virus is unfortunate.

In these evil hours, when the pandemic is already threatening the world with a long recession, the world cannot afford another war of words between the US and China.

By all estimates, it is clear that the malaise at hand is not going any time soon. Both, the most advanced and impoverished nations’ health systems are collapsing after a sudden rise in numbers of affected people; the best strategy to fight is to keep the issue depoliticised, at least for some time.

But to be fair to China, sharing the virus’s DNA with the world instantly after the outbreak was a very mature act on their part. Furthermore, the severe travel restrictions and incessant monitoring of hundreds of millions that China instituted helped limit the spread. The US officials might find this tough to acknowledge, but it’s the only truth.

Unfortunately, the official US government reaction to how China has dealt with the crisis continues to focus more on scoring PR points against Beijing rather than working with China to halt the virus’ spread. And only on Monday, the US President, instead of taking the lead in the global efforts against the pandemic called it “the Chinese Virus”.

Thus, it is natural for China to react to the US allegations. All these statements and possible counter-statements indicate that the blame game is not going to end anytime soon. Nevertheless, sanity must prevail. For this reason alone, both sides need to bury the hatchet and not throw needless accusations at each other.