Parents who are blessed by girls, if they belong from middle class or below the poverty line. They severely suffer due to dowry system dominated among Muslim communities. In order to escape from the menace of dowry, some young girls prefer to undertake jobs to earn huge amount of money to meet the dowry expenses and thereby reduce the dowry tension of their parents.

Dowries often force poor families to take out loans with steep interest rates, sell off their land to raise money, promise to pay dowries in instalments, and other scenarios that can lead to crippling debt. To avoid larger dowries, families often marry their daughters off as children. I don’t know why? Another concept begins that both the bride and groom’s family think if they will give dowry on marriage it will increase their reputation and people will talk positively about them. In a simple world, dowry is given to show-off as well.

People compare themselves to each other. If they can give dowry then why not us? Our wrong thoughts are also boosting the dowry. It just a huge waste of money. Almighty Allah has commanded in the Holy Quran to bestow Mahar. But we are going against Allah’s command. Demanding the dowry as financial or household things or any other type of demands is strictly prohibited in Islam. So, oh Islamic youngsters! And oh Islamic parents who are blessed by sons! Kindly take an oath that we will never claim dowry from the bride’s family henceforth.

The government wants to take solid steps against dowry system. All grooms need to take steps and say no to dowry and not make any daughter’s father poor or borrower. Our desires are never going to be fulfilled with money and other things.