At the time of partition of the Subcontinent, the British ruling government of India played the unfair and dirty role of a broker between India and Pakistan, by favouring the top Congress political leadership of India in all respects, leaving behind the issue of the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir unresolved and essentially turned it into a time-bomb which has today become a nuclear flashpoint volcano and a great threat for world peace. Pakistan was created after great struggles and under very difficult and unfavourable circumstances, against the wishes of a hardcore fanatical, anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan political leadership of India.

The Muslims of India therefore, paid a very heavy price for this series of events.

The world’s biggest Muslim massacre was carried out in India and their population was forced to migrate to Pakistan, under horrible, inhuman conditions with all manner of human rights violations taking place on their unending travel to Pakistan.

The entire world, myopic western governments, their media and international human rights champions just looked on as silent observers.

Seventy years later, once again in India and Kashmir, large-scale abuse of Muslims is being carried out by the fundamentalist ruling party, their army and the police, under the support their own elected government; the entire world is witness to this.

The UN Security Council, much like in the past when it failed to implement its own resolution on Kashmir, passed by on the issue yet again, and is a silent observer once more. The reason for the UNSC’s non-functionality is that western members of the Security Council have a political, economic and strategic alliance with India.

Therefore, the UNSC platform has lost its function of neutrality, becomes doubtful and irrelevant.

Coming back to Pakistan, it is a beautiful country rewarded by nature all of its blessings.

Pakistan has produced highly professional scientists, doctors, engineer, judges, economists, journalists and diplomatic, recognised at all world forums.

Pakistan has a unique and valuable geo-strategic and geopolitical location in the region as a result of which it has always attracted attention and has become the focus of interest for regional and world powers. Unfortunately, our incompetent and incapable rulers did not have the capability to enhance the value of our location into something more tangible and could not put forward our national interests in negotiation with world powers.

Pakistan is a very unfortunate country in spite of its blessings, it has constantly been facing and absorbing the shocks of grave challenges of wars and conspiracies against it. Moreover, for the last seven decades, there is persisting political instability and all kinds of crises which resulted in the failure of our systems.

The assemblies have become irrelevant and a platform for the parliamentarians and political parties to fight their personal political feuds and rivalries. Pakistan desperately needs to get rid of corrupt, power-hungry and professional politicians. That is the only way to make sure that the issue of Kashmir consistently gets the attention it deserves.

Dr. Ikhlaq Hussain

The writer is a senior citizen, who has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.