KARACHI            -                 The National Accountability Bureau Karachi has re­covered Rs. 2.127 mil­lion through Plea Bargain from two accused namely Iqbal Ahmed Magsi, the then Sr. Auditor and Sha­mim Akhtar, Ex-Super­intendent FBR in Refer­ences number 54/07 & 18/2017 respectively.

Accused Iqbal Ahmed Magsi was involved in misuse of authority/corruption and corrupt practices in issuance of sales tax refund against fake invoices and ship­ping bills, said a state­ment on Wednesday. Accused Shamim Akhtar was involved in issuance of sales tax refund in con­nivance with the private persons who availed il­legal sales tax refund through fake and flying invoices thus causing loss to national exchequer.