I admit that there is litany of issues that I can talk about but the issue I want to highlight the panhandlers mafia. Panhandling is defined as the act of approaching an individual and asking for a handout of food and money. It most likely originated from beggars.

Laws addressing panhandling vary of course from place to place. Some locations distinguish between panhandling which is often considered freedom of speech and aggressive panhandling which includes harassing or intimidating those passing by. The most frequent complaints are that panhandlers pose a danger in that they may block traffic or harass drivers stopped at interactions. If the person refuses to charity they started cursing. “if they can stand all day they can work.” Hence these mafia all are down on their luck.

Moreover, its all are myth that all panhandlers are capable of work, even if there were jobs available for them. They all are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Majority of homeless people choose to live on streets. And because of these many needy beggars would daily suffer as the panhandler’s took someones sympathy, and need as a profession and art. However, this is the exception and not the rule.