HAFIZABAD                -                Different social, political workers and businessmen of Hafizabad district have strongly protested against the slackness of Jalalpur Bhattian Police for its failure in arresting the accused involved in the abduction of two sons of Akhtar Ali, one of them was sodomised and murdered while the other has not yet been traced.

They expressed their resentment over the rising incidents of child abuse in Jalalpur Bhattian area and the police apathy to prevent such incidents.

On Tuesday evening Ali Hamza (14) and his elder brother Zaman Akhtar son of Akhtar Ali of Mohallah Iqbalpur Jalalpur Bhattian went to the Bazar to purchase something when they were abducted by some fiendish youngmen.

The parents went from pillar to post to locate them for several hours and found the dead body of Ali Hamza lying in the nearby field in naked condition on Wednesday. Following this, hundreds of villagers gathered and blocked Pindi Bhattian road and staged demonstration to protest against the police. Several political workers and traders condemned the behaviour of the SHO. Even PTI leaders including MNA Ch. Shoukat Ali Bhatti also addressed the protesters and demanded immediate suspension of the SHO and early recovery of the second son of Akhtar Ali (Zaman Akhtar). The DPO suspended the SHO immediately and constituted two special teams to arrest the accused and to trace Zaman Akhtar within 24 hours but the police had neither arrested any of the accused nor traced Zaman Akhtar.

According to official figures, eleven cases of child abuse were registered in Jalalpur Bhattian Police station during the past two-and-a-half month which was cause of concern of the inhabitants. They had demanded immediate arrest of the accused and locate Zaman Akhtar.

Meanwhile, city police had arrested a hair dresser Abdul Basit of Mohallah Bahawalpura on the charge of allegedly sodomising a ten year old boy Muhammad Abdullah of same locality.