KARACHI  - The Sindh government on Wednesday warned that a complete lockdown or curfew like situation could be imposed in the province if the coronavirus cases continue to rise in the province.

“Currently, the situation in Sindh is under control but if the need arises, a curfew could be imposed,” Information Minister Nasir Shah said while addressing a press conference in Karachi.  Nasir Shah said also that at least 172 cases were reported in the province and Sindh government conducted 775 tests for the virus.

The provincial minister also said that doctors and paramedical staff would be immediately recruited on contract basis and a crackdown against mask and sanitizer hoarders was underway.

He said that the Chief Minister had directed to import required medicines and if the virus spreads further, arrangements to deliver goods to the people would be made on time.

Nasir Shah also said that only important offices with essential services would remain open and other offices shall be closed from the Thursday. “Some Sindh government departments would be closed from Wednesday for which notification will be issued in the morning,” he said.

The minister said that buses coming from other cities would not be allowed to enter from Friday and Inter-city bus service would be completely closed after 48 hours.

 He also informed that hospitals’ OPDs would not be closed and that these difficult decisions were being taken in the larger interest of the people.