We are passing through such a serious Energy     Crisis that we are facing hours and hours of     load shedding daily. In order to overcome     this crisis we hear the government of    Pakistan say that it's planning to make small dams for the purpose. Dams are not the solution. Apart from Punjab the rest of the three provinces have serious reservations on dams namely Kala Bagh. In the recent World social Forum, the province of Sindh made it clear to the participants that there would be no more dams especially on the River Indus. Furthermore all dams would lead the country into an ecological disaster. In the mid seventies the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto negotiated with super powers and tried his level best to get at least four nuclear reprocessing plants in order to overcome power crisis that still persists. Thanks to our military government, we lost those deals altogether. Pakistan in the mean time managed to get one by hook or by crook. But I wonder for what purpose is it being used now? As I foresee it is only used for making atomic weapons. If it is only for atomic weapons, then they are wasting all the energy. Why don't they utilize that energy to make electricity? However I see one hazard and that is, where to store the nuclear waste. This is an issue which the super powers are facing. They do not know where to dispose off nuclear waste which is far from being environmental friendly. Then there is another way of producing electricity and that is thermal power. This is out of the question as petroleum oil is required to generate energy and we cannot afford it as the whole world is facing an oil crisis. Now if all the present ways of generating energy are not good enough then why are we not seeing other possibilities? I suggest the following: Solar Energy Many countries have developed such a way that they are using solar energy and are producing a good amount of electricity through it and the whole process is very environmentally friendly. I do not know why we have not studied this possibility. If every city is provided with a solar energy power plant, the country will be able to save enough energy. Sea Breeze We have a lot of costal areas. Along the coast there is a lot of sea breeze. Many countries are producing electricity from sea breeze. So along our coastal areas if a number of sea breeze generated electricity is produced and if solar energy is also generated in the same area I think we can produce a lot of electricity for the coastal areas. So instead of making dams and thinking of getting nuclear reactors, the government of Pakistan should invest on possibilities of producing electricity through natural energies like solar and sea breeze. It is hoped that after reading this, the authorities should begin to think and plan such ventures. They will have to take this seriously as without electrical and power we are nowhere.