The Nazi ideology Deutsche Volk (German people) turned nationalism into unrestrained racialism. Similarly, a perfect storm of social upheaval brewed by the terrorist attacks is once again shredding the sails of racial equality in the United States of America. Just when we thought the demon of racism, like the KKK is turning into the dust, we realise that his soul was kept alive; ironically, under the garbs of First and Second Amendments. Protected and nourished by the self-professed guardians of the American Constitution in the Congress, Lucifer is rising from the ashes. And he wants to push America off into the dark depths of the past of pre-Bill of Rights era. Ominous signs of totalitarianism overpowering patriotism cannot be ignored anymore. If hawks in waiting, like Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, would have their way, America could become a pseudo police state. They want to revoke the citizenship of suspected naturalised citizens. A far cry from what the forefathers envisioned: Liberty and Justice for 'All. McCain already supports Arizonas immigration law that enshrines racial profiling. Now he wants to introduce a draconian law that will not only force the law enforcers to mount witch-hunts, but for all practical purposes it will also empower the big brother to keep a close eye on each American Notwithstanding Fifth Amendment protects the Americans from the abuse of government authority in a legal procedure; Lieberman and McCain are proposing legislation that would suffocate the very spirit of the Bill of Rights. They want to strip citizenship of naturalised citizens, suspected of terrorism, so their Miranda rights can be denied. They plead, the information forced out of such terrorism suspects could prevent future attacks. Fair argument, right? But it begs the question, why apply it on only the naturalised citizens? More Americans have died from gun-toting domestic terrorists, who also show up armed to teeth at the presidential public events. How could we overlook the hypocrisy of these opportunists, that they remain oblivious of how America also harbours terrorists of its choice, like the Cuban terrorist Luis Posada, or the fact that they slept through the Irish uprisings/terrorism, or that they still protect the rights of the psychopaths, like David Koresh and nihilists like Timothy McVeigh who insisted on bearing arms? Why dont we strip the civil-liberties of the infamous CEOs of the failed multi-billion enterprises? After all, their incompetence, criminal negligence and pure greed pushed America into deep recession. They are rewarded with billions of dollars of bailout public funds for practically destroying the lives of millions of American families. When they make a mockery of justice and accountability by pleading Fifth to cover their white collar crimes, should not their constitutional guarantees also be stripped for the destruction of millions of lives? Upon a closer look of the sweeping legislation one has to wonder, who decides who is placed on the suspected terrorist list? Will there be some judicial panel that will overlook such a list? Who will add the names to the list: FBI, CIA, NSA or local law enforcement agencies? Is there some form of probable cause that would justify big brothers suspicious eye, or is it as simple as, all similar sounding names of certain demographic are placed on the list? To make matters even more complex, what if following the precedence set by the discriminatory federal law, the hawks at the state or at the precinct levels also decide to compile their own lists of terrorists? Rule of thumb is if a law can be abused, it will be. Who will ensure that names placed on this list are based on merit, and not because of personal grudge, likes or dislikes? Where will it end? We would all agree no one wants America to become a safe haven for terrorists. However, one would have to be intellectually deaf and dumb to overlook the inherent flaws in the proposal. At minimum, it would stem civil liberties of certain ethnic groups, if not everyones. In short run, the legislation may earn political points for the hawks but it would not. It might practically turn America into a racialist state. All along, we thought hawks were the guardians of the civil liberties. Apparently, they believe protecting the liberty and justice for some but not 'All. The writer is a freelance columnist.