LAHORE - Pak-Emirates Forum Chairman Iqbal Hussain Lakhwaira while speaking at the Aiwan-i-Waqt Forum here on Tuesday said that the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai loved Pakistan and its people, and they wanted to support this country in every field. He said that overseas Pakistanis whenever learnt about any untoward happening from their homeland they felt dejected, but the Indian community laughed at the same. He informed that with the collaboration of Pakistan Embassy in Dubai, Pak Welfare Council had been established, which would work for the betterment of Pakistani community in UAE. He also apprised that the council members were helping students as well as workers by supporting them financially and legally. Iqbal remarked that a politician should be above self-pleasing and should serve for the country, adding that the clash between judiciary and executive would bring more destruction to the country facing economic crunch already. He urged the politicians and the rulers not to self-portrait during foreign visits and fight for the cause of country. He further said that UAE could turn into a vast market for Pakistani products especially for mangoes, oranges, rice, vegetables and furniture. The exports for UAE could gain momentum if Pakistani businessmen instead of investing in real state in Dubai, pay attention to exports, he added. He maintained that every individual including the royal families of UAE had great respect for Pakistani people, but we ourselves were busy to loose this posture. He held rulers responsible for bringing bad name to Pakistan for their personal gains. He said that Indian lobby, in these conditions gained benefit and initiated propaganda against Pakistan. Iqbal blasted the media campaign 'Amn Ki Aasha, which he added was merely a conspiracy to weaken our stand on issues of national interest. Paying tribute to Nawa-i-Waqt Group Chairman Majid Nizami, Iqbal said that Nizami was a living legend in the world, who had been serving as an editor for 48 years and as a journalist for 59 years.