LALAMUSA - As many as 41 women were murdered in last four month in Gujrat district. Most of them were slain by family members on the pretext that they had brought disgrace to families. Many of them became victim of the family enmity while a few fell to poverty, domestic violence and matrimonial disputes. The facility of cell phones, according to some quarters, has also given accentuation the cruel practice. In most of the women murder cases, father, brother or other blood relative became applicant, who later forgave the murder accused and thus help him (accused) scot-free. Since the start of the current year, nine poor ladies were murdered in January alone. According to detail, a drug-addict, allegedly murder his sister-in-law (Bhabi) and niece, with a sharp edged weapon at Mouza Dheer Kay. An enraged husband in Mohallah Ghonalpura axed to death his wife while in Mohallah Qutababad, a lady teacher was shot dead by her brother. In Keryanwala Police area, husband killed his wife at Mouza Khori, whereas the body of Arshad Bibi was found in the Kakrali Police precincts. During February, an unmarried 16-year-old young girl was killed while in Mohallah Rangpura a 50-year-old-lady was burnt alive. In the Lalamusa Police limits, a police cop allegedly shot dead his wife at Mouza Qazian. In this way six women lost their lives in February. Similarly in the month of March, 5 women were brutally assassinated. At Mouza Kharana, a newly wed girl was killed for having marriage of free will. Similarly, a young married girl was gunned down by his brother-in-laws family at mouza Phularwan in the remit Lalamusa Saddar Police. A 13-year-old girl was killed at Mouza Kotla Qasim, at Mouza Alipur, an MA girl along student with his father and brother were shot dead in an ambush by rivals. Furthermore at Mouza Mojeeanwala, due to dispute over a piece of land, a middle aged woman was stoned to death, a married women was killed by her husband and brother-in-law at Mouza Bhola Lalamusa. During month of April, as many as 11 women murder cases were reported. In this month, three collective murder incidents were alsoaccured. In Mohallah Dandaymar Gujrat, a married woman and in Mohallah Ghari Ahmedabad, mother of two children were killed. In Kakrali area, mother of an ASI, two ladies in separate incidents which happened at Mouza Kotla and Lalamusa were assassinated on account of love marriage by their blood relatives. At Mouza Wadha Pind in the limits Keryana Wala Police, husband and his brother after killing a lady snatched her child. A married woman whose husband was abroad was killed along with home servant by her brother-in-law (Dewere) who suspected her character in remit of Lalamusa Saddar Police at Mouza Murarian. In Mouza Rajayki, an enraged husband after killing wife, committed suicide at the spot. At Mouza Awan Sharif, a hamlet in Keryanwala Police Station area a husband after shooting her wife, also ended his life by committing suicide. Now during current month May, till the filing of this report almost six women have been killed. This alarming rise in the women killings, was a matter of great concern for the law enforcement authorities, social reformers and religious scholars and should ponder over the inhuman act and play their role to minimise the heinous practice, especially the honour killing, if not possible to banish completely.