LAHORE Justice Mahmood Maqbool Bajwa of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday strictly required the law officer to produce in the court on May 23 next the respective family members of Faizan and Faheem, who both were killed in cold blood by the CIA contractor, Raymond Davis, at Qartaba Chowk on January 27 last. During the hearing, the newly appointed judge was displeased with Assistant Advocate General (AAG) Nayar Abbas Rizvi for the inordinate delay in the recovery of the victim families allegedly missing since March 16, 2011 when they appeared before the trial court and pardoned Raymond Davis by accepting blood-money. Previously the petition, filed by advocate Mansub Ali Awan for the recovery of the members of the two families, was on the cause list of Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sidhu who had also repeatedly required the government functionaries for the recovery of the said members. On last day, the court gave last chance to the AAG to do the needful and produce the family members in the court for ensuring that the legal heirs of deceased Faizan and Faheem are not in any trouble. Upon this the AAG assured the court that the families would be produced in the court on next date of hearing. The petition in the nature of habeas corpus, being argued by advocate Azhar Siddique, apprehends that members of the victims with such huge money, Rs 200 million in total, have been kidnapped and detained for monetary purpose as such their lives are in danger. He said there were also apprehensions that they were forced to accept blood money for the release of Davis, and this fact could be established only when they appear and state before the court.