MULTAN - The members of All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) staged a protest against the price hike and denial of raise in their salaries here on Wednesday. The clerks assembled at different places and carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government. The protesters blocked Kutchery and Abdali roads as a sign of protest. Resultantly, traffic jam took place on both the roads. Talking to the journalists, they said that concurrent increase in prices crushed working class. They said that the government workers were faced with serious financial crisis. Were unable to make both the ends together. Our children are starved but the government does nothing to control price hike, they lamented. They demanded of the government to increase their salaries in proportion with price hike otherwise they would be forced to launch a protest drive. PROTEST AGAINST DRON-ES: The activists of PASBA staged a protest against drone attacks and NATO supply here outside Multan Press Club on Wednesday. Over a dozen PASBAN activists gathered outside the press club and carried out full throated sloganeering against the US. They were also holding placards and banners inscribed with anti-US slogans and demands regarding immediate suspension of drone operation. The protesters were led by Altaf Shakoor and Usman Moazzam, who blocked the road and burnt American flag. Addressing the protesters, the speakers said that on one hand Americans detained Dr Aafiya Siddiqui and committed drone attacks on our citizens while on the other hand Pakistan government offered them route and facilities for NATO supply line. They said that the conduct of Pakistan government was highly condemnable. If the rulers do not cut NATO supply immediately, masses will drag them out of Islamabad and drown them in Arabian sea, they warned.