LAHORE Hours after the new Capital City Police Officer, Mr. Ahmed Raza Tahir called on the parents of a 12-year-old boy who was kidnapped for ransom and later murdered, police closed the chapter of two of the victims abductors during an 'armed encounter in the Misri Shah Area, police sources claimed, said a police handout. Issued late Tuesday night, the handout stated: Ahmed Raza Tahir (CCPO) met the patents of Hamza Tariq . He offered Fateha for the departed soul and assured the victim family that those involved in the murder of their son will be brought to justice. Hours later, justice was done, a senior police source commented. Police sources further revealed that the police gunned down two kidnappers-cum-killers near Do Moria Pull at about 3:00a.m. on Wednesday. The sources also revealed that the police produced both the gangsters, later identified as Ramazan and Javed, before the parents of the ransom boys family and later brought them on the very place from where they had abducted the child. There they finished their life episodes. Other sources close to the investigators revealed that the police traced the gangsters from their cellular phone and arrested them from near the Narowal city. The arrested gangsters, their aged believed to be between 30 and 35 years, confessed to kidnapping the boy for Rs.6 million ransom. We wanted to become millionaires overnight, the culprits were quoted as saying. But later they murdered the boy and fled away after throwing his body in the Shahdara area as the family failed to pay the ransom amount. The boy was found strangled with his legs and arms fractured. Amer Shahzad of Misri Shah and his accomplice Muhammad Ishaq kidnapped the boy on May 7 and demanded ransom. On the directions of CCPO Tahir, CIA SP Umar Virk constituted a police team which arrested the killers. During initial interrogation the accused told the police that after kidnapping the boy they handed him over to other accomplices, namely, Ramazan and Javed. The criminals also said that the accused were coming to meet them near Do Moria Pull. On which, police established a picket at that point. As Javed and Ramazan, riding a motorcycle, reached the picket and saw policemen, they opened fire on the police vehicles, triggering the encounter, police maintained. As a result, both the criminals received serious bullet injuries and died on the spot. However, no policeman was hurt in the crossfire, according to the police, who also claimed that they have recovered a motorcycle and illegal weapons from the possession of the criminals. According to the eyewitnesses, local residents showered rose petals on the policemen and chanted slogans in favour of the police at the crime scene, where the policemen killed the abductors. Police officials said that the boy was kidnapped for ransom while he was attending the wedding ceremony of his uncle in Misri Shah Area. The gangsters later contacted the family and demanded ransom for his safe release. The police had registered the under section (363 of the PPC) on May 8 but did not take any action. Sources said that the victim family launched a thorough search and later recognized the dead body of their loved one at the City morgue. Some passersby had spotted the dead body in Shahdra Area and contacted the police to remove the body to the morgue. The following morning hundreds of local residents staged strong protest demonstration against the police here at the Mall Road by putting the dead body in front of the Punjab Assembly. The government came into action after the protests and directed the police to nab the killers. According to the local residents, the ill-fated mother lost her mental balance after she witnessed the dead body of her son. It is worth mentioning here that the encounter took place in the Misri Shah area just 14 hours after Ahmed Raza Tahir, the new CCPO, told the reporters that the policemen have been given 'shoot-to-kill orders to deal with the desperate gangsters, ending his predecessors 'soft-policing norm. Soft-policing is neither acceptable to me nor to you and the society as well. In the mid-90s the police used to play (cricket) test matches with the hardened criminals. But this is the age of [T]20s. We are not going to spare those found involved in heinous crimes, Ahmed Raza Tahir had told the reporters during his maiden chat at his office on Tuesday.