NEW DELHI (AFP) - Indias home ministry has admitted making a mistake in a list of 'most-wanted fugitives thought to be hiding in Pakistan after a terror suspect was found living in Mumbai. The list was prepared by the home ministry in consultation with investigating agencies and included the name of Wazhul Qamar Khan, who was wanted for his alleged role in the bombing of trains in Mumbai in 2003. But Khan has since been found in the outskirts of Mumbai, where he is out on bail after being arrested by local police over his apparent role in the blasts, local reports say. Home Secretary GK Pillai on Tuesday acknowledged the gaffe. The ministry takes responsibility for mistakenly including the name of Wazhul Qamar Khan, he told the NDTV news channel. We deeply regret the blunder of including his name in the most-wanted list. The ministry has ordered a probe into the mistake, a home ministry official told AFP on condition of anonymity.