LAHORE Battling against al Qaeda militants and its off-shoots in Northwest Pakistan, countrys military establishment is watching towards the Parliament to decide the contours of Pak-US relations and give clear policy for the Armed Forces to follow. Well-placed sources disclosed to The Nation here on Wednesday that the Parliament would also decide the fate of Haqqani and other militant outfits operating in Northwest troubled region. The Armed Forces will act accordingly, they added. 'Parliament must decide the contours of policy for relations with Washington at the earliest so that the nation is not left directionless, a top official in the Defence Ministry confided to this reporter, requesting his identity not to be revealed due to the sensitivity of the issue. In this regard, he said, clear rules of engagements and vivid direction of action must be given by the political leadership to allow the military and ISI to guard the national interests. On the other hand, sources close to the investigators probing double suicide bombing at FC Training Centre Charsadda KPK, suspected direct involvement of al Qaeda off-shoots in the early morning massacre. More than 110 people, majority of recruits, were killed in the attack while scores were wounded. 'It is time for paradigm shift. This way or that way. And no in between, the official said while referring to the Parliaments expected decision in the backdrop of unanimously passed resolution which emphasised on 'we must revisit our policy. Another official, interviewed after the visit of US influential Senator John Kerry, said that the top political and military leadership has straightforwardly conveyed to Washington that Islamabad could not cross red-lines to please an ally, who takes no time to turn into an enemy. The political leadership and the establishment including the Armed Forces are on the same page to safeguard the national interests, he said, adding, the military leadership demonstrated veracity of honour and truthfulness suggesting to the Parliament to realise the threat to Pakistans sovereignty in the wake of critical Pak-US relations and challenges posed by the war on terror. The Parliament decision would also help the anti-Pakistan elements know that the whole nation fully supports Pakistan Armed Forces and intelligence agencies responsible to defend the vital national interests, a retired defence official commented. 'Pakistanis must understand that the very survival of their country is at stake; hence they must speak harmoniously with single idea that nothing against the national interests of Pakistan will be acceptable, he maintained. Sacrifices made by Pakistan and losses suffered during its efforts to fight the menace of terrorism cannot be forgotten overnight, he said. Pakistan has so far lost more than 35,000 people including 3,500 security personnel. 'But the US used derogatory jargons against Pakistan in their arrogant commemoration of the OBL killing episode, defence analysts say. 'Pakistan kept cooperating in war on terror while others worked with a cut throat sense of competition. To malign Pakistan for its cooperation in war on terror is totally unfair and people of Pakistan outrightly reject it, they added. Pakistan is front-line ally in the campaign against extremism and any malicious efforts to degrade and demean its Armed Forces and intelligence assets will be considered a deceitful act of Machiavellian scheming against Pakistan, they stated. 'We are the worst victims of terrorism and al Qaeda has been targeting our Armed Forces, religious and political leaders, minorities and even innocent public, and is still involved in suicide attacks in Pakistan, analysts added. But at the same time US financial aid was used to allure Pakistan to compromise national interests. Even offensive and disgusting media reports were released to take care of Pakistans nuclear assets, they said. 'As a result, Pak-US relations suffered a set back while enormous pressure was built on Pakistans military leadership who gave detailed briefing to the joint session of the Parliament. The significance of Presidents visit to Russia and PMs visit to China would also help clear the dust in the regional stability though India will certainly not like it and will try to create misunderstandings.