Its very strange that a utility like electricity which is so important for business and economy of Pakistan is a victim of 'monopoly, with no alternative to residents and business of Karachi. The KESC must have competitionin order to pull its socks up, and due consideration to this matter needs to be given by SC/SHC in light of monopoly act and competition laws,in best interest of the public. The SC must take concrete steps to open up competition for companies that want to come into electric distribution business, in Karachi. Just like cable operators,the new electric companiescan use same poles, but maintain different lines, in Karachi. The competitive model, whichhas proved a huge success in telecoms (PTCL) in which there was previously rampant corruption, mismanagement, and inefficiency and then 4-5 other mobile companies, were given the license to offer telephone service, and the overall result was, much better in the form of efficient service by new PTCL. Also better rates and charges by all companies for customers were introduced. There were reliable, and courteous services, and now Pakistan due to competition in telecoms has moved from to 100 million telephones, from 2 million phones in about 10 years. Billions of dollars for the country are generated and also healthy profit for the companies, with much lower calling rates for public. I would strongly urge the government to improve the situation as the economy, is suffering heavily due to fact that 60% of income is generated from Karachi for Pakistan. Therefore, for a strong Pakistan there has to be a strong economy and for a strong economy there has to be excellent power infrastructure. Also KESC is over billing its customers, and putting the blame on its lower staff by getting them to indulge in such corrupt practices. It is mistreating all itsemployees and technical staff by not paying proper salaries, which should be 100% more than presently. The KESC is also violating a lot oflabour laws, by not giving golden hand shake to unrequited employees. It is alsoreplacing good quality copper wires, with cheap metal wires thus increasing line losses and voltage drops, and short circuit fires, besides damage to expensive electrical appliances and machinery subsequently due to faulty equipment. Either the KESC must be renationalized or healthy competition should be allowed in the best interest of the country and public. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, May 18.