It is but natural for close friends to visit each other as frequently as they can and, certainly, when either of them is in trouble. Although Prime Minister Gilanis visit to China had been scheduled much earlier than the May 2 'kill Osama operation clandestinely carried out by the US, leaders of the two countries would, during the course of their interaction, be inevitably discussing the situation and the apprehensions that the raid has given rise to. And in this particular case, the blatantly aggressive act in Chinas neighbourhood by the US, which is sworn to inhibit the spread of its influence, Beijing, inevitably, gets dragged in. Thus, the first day of Mr Gilanis visit i.e. Tuesday elicited a strong reaffirmation of Beijings stand that it unswervingly supports Pakistan in its efforts to counter terrorism. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu remarked, Pakistan has made very important contributions in international counter-terrorism cooperation as well as rendered great sacrificesIndeed, Pakistan is a victim of terrorism. Certainly, it sends a strong message to the powers that are wrongly critical of Pakistan. While the US has, no doubt, been acknowledging our contributions and sacrifices it has invariably in the same breath unfairly accused us for not doing enough, virtually rubbishing its own admission of our key role. And besides, its connivance at New Delhis machinations aimed at fomenting trouble in Balochistan and FATA through the presence of RAW agents in Afghanistan lays bare the Indo-US designs to destabilise Pakistan. Then there are the CIA contractors and Blackwater/Xe agents. Add to this the drone attacks and NATO planes incursions their latest hit an army post in North Waziristan, injuring two of our soldiers on Tuesday and the picture is complete that badly exposes the truth behind the US overtures of abiding friendship with Pakistan. On the other hand, when a sincere friend like China makes an overture of unswervingly supporting Pakistan it carries the stamp of genuineness, also underlined by its help in infrastructure, defence and a host of other fields. In the midst of hostile powers Pakistan finds itself at present. China stands out as a real friend, underscoring the fact that when the two countries talk of being time-tested and all-weather friends they are recalling the factual position. A Chinese diplomats told this papers correspondent that this visit was not photo session between Mr Gilani and Mr Wen Jiabao; sensitive issues were on the agenda. The region was being threatened by world power and there is dire need for Pakistan and China to take stock of the situation and get their act together. It is ludicrous for US Senator James Rich to moan that the US pours money into Pakistan, only to see the head of Pakistan go to China andstand up and say 'youre our best friend. But really alarming is former National Security Advisor Jim Jones remark that the US must ensure Gilanis visit did not worsen Pakistans already strained ties with India because it would upset India. That is a clear acceptance of Indias hegemonic status of the subcontinent by the US. These threats should further propel Islamabad to go the whole hog with China and frustrate the Indo-American designs against us, exploding the myth of hegemony.