GUJRANWALA- Police and other security agencies have arrested three terrorism suspects in a midnight operation in a remote area of Noshera Virkan while in another case a prayer-leader was arrested for providing militant training to children. Police, Elite Force and personnel of other security agencies jointly conducted a raid at Jamiatul Banat situated at Noshera Virkan Road in Tatlay Aali Police Station precincts. After a 2-hour fight, all three suspects surrendered themselves to police that masked their faces before shifting them to some undisclosed location. Police also recovered some time-devices and detonators from the seminary. The police said it was further investigating the matter, but denied revealing the identity of suspects. In another case police arrested an activist of banned Harkatul Mujahidin, Qari Ziaullah Khan, under section 21-C of ATA for sending two children to tribal areas for militant training.