NEW YORK In a report that has been repeated by American media in various forms, Fox News says it had obtained recent satellite images that show that Pakistan was expanding nuclear facility at Khushab. The television network said the pictures, taken on April 20 by an aerial imagery company indicate Pakistan is building a fourth nuclear reactor to produce plutonium. 'They have a telltale sign, Paul Brannon, a nuclear analyst at the Institute for Science and International Security, told Fox News, while explaining the satellite images. 'I mean you can see the square of the reactor building, you can see the inner square of the reactor hall where the actual reactor goes, and if you measure the dimensions of the building it matches up exactly to the second and the third reactors, he said. Pakistan conducted its first nuclear test in 1998, in response to Indias, and it was after Islamabad disclosed the Khushab site and its plutonium production facility, the report said.