LAHORE The workers of Pakistan Railways Employees Union have taken out a protest rally against raise in salaries in the coming budget and ever-rising inflation here on Wednesday at Lahore Railway Station under the auspices of Pakistan Railways Prem Union. According to a press release, speakers of rally said that governments across the world endeavour to provide employment to their respective masses but on the contrary our government has miserably failed to control the prices of edible items. It seems that there is no government in the country and rulers have become beggars before IMF and World Bank and used foreign aid for their personal benefits. They are of the view that masses have no option but to commit suicides because of starvation while rulers are enjoying deep slumber. The rally was addressed by various speakers including Lahore General Secretary Abdul Wadood, Haji Abdul Aziz, MM Din, Zonal President Iftikhar Ali Khan, Mohammad Asim and Raja Tariq.