The Americans reported ongoing negotiations with Taliban leaders associated with Mullah Omar to find a political settlement to the conflict in the hope of securing a graceful exit is in stark contrast to its pressure on Islamabad to speed up its counter insurgency campaign in tribal areas. This is, no doubt, a typical display of US double standard. Jittery at the process of getting out of Afghanistan and also troubled by seeing that the Taliban have stood their ground, it has slowly borne in on the US that there is no other way but to make peace with the forces that it has been fighting against for the past decade. History tells us that it is not easy to subdue Afghans through the use of force, and nobody knows it better than the Russians. It is now time for the US to reap the whirlwind of its destructive policy of global domination under which getting the Muslim world under its thumb is a major goal. However, what is most shameful is that in its post-9/11 frenzy to wipe Taliban off the map of the world, it brought untold misery to the Afghan as well as Pakistani nation. Current parleys with Taliban, therefore, are not the result of any change of heart or out of sympathy for the Afghans but to cover up the failure of its campaign in Afghanistan. It is hoped that the PPP-led government would strongly rebuff the US demand for launching a military offensive in North Waziristan. The current game plan of the US is more about making Pakistan a scapegoat for its military adventure in Afghanistan than helping it as an ally in any way. We must keep the US in check while it withdraws its troops from Afghanistan while, at the same time, pushing us into a quagmire of the so-called war on terror.