The 'war between Pakistan and India on water issue have increased tremendously. India is building Wullar Barrage with storage capacity of 0.30 million-acre feet that is an obvious violation of the Indus Water Treaty. Indias plan to build 12 hydropower projects on the Kabul River in Afghanistan, as per experts would seriously increase Pakistans water woes. The federal government should take this problem with India and other concerned international organizations more forcefully because this would harm our interest being low riparian state. I fear that with the construction of Wullar Barrage and 12 Hydro-power projects on Kabul river in Afghanistan by India, it would harm Pakistans water supply. That is why the Indus delta the sixth largest in the world is on verge of unnatural death and sea intrusion on large scale has brought ruination in Sindh. In view of foregoing, the government should take up this problem with India, Afghanistan and other concerned international organizations vigorously and also ensure judicious distribution of water inside the country. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, May 18.