RAJANPUR- A bride along with her two minor sister-in-laws was found suffocated to death while the groom fell unconscious on their wedding night in Darkhast Jam Jamal Khan village in the wee hours of Sunday.
The incident occurred due to smoke emitted from a generator accumulated in the room. The sad demise came into the notice of the family in the morning when no one came out the room despite repeated knocking. According to the family members, on Saturday night the wedding procession of Mohammad Asghar Vance arrived and due to the loadshedding and heavy, a power generator was switched on for supplying power.
In morning neither bride Uzma, nor  groom responded repeated knocks. At which the family broke open door of the room and found them unconscious. They were rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed death of Uzma and her two sister-in-laws seven-year-old Aneela and five-year-old Haleema.