ISLAMABAD  - Health experts have advised the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to adopt special preventive measures to protect themselves from the mosquitos.
Dr Wasim Khawaja, of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) urged the citizens to wear long-sleeve cloth and trousers, use mosquito screens or nets and place anti-mosquito devices near possible entrance such as windows and doors etc.
He also advised them to prevent accumulation of stagnant water and put all used cans and bottles into covered dustbins and ensure watering to plants at least once a week by leaving no water in the saucers underneath flower pots.
"Cover tightly all water containers, wells and water storage tanks and keep all drains free from blockage. Top up all defective ground surfaces to prevent accumulation of stagnant water and do not store, condemn tyres in houses etc", he suggested.
He said that to prevent the breeding of mosquito in the homes and the surrounding areas, each family member should actively take part in activities to prevent from mosquitoes.
Senior Doctor of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Directorate of Health Services said that DHS is taking all-out effective measures to overcome the breeding of mosquito in the Federal Capital.
He said that in this regard fumigation campaigns are being arranged in the city to avoid any kind of problem in this regard.
Health experts due to heavy rains in recent week can increase the breeding of mosquito and the citizens need to take preventive measures