A statement has been issued in the press by Mr. Abid Sher Ali, Federal Minister of State for Water and Power, saying that no dam would be built without the consensus of the public. We have been hearing this for the umpteenth time but nobody has raised a voice for building consensus on KBD, in spite of its dire need for the economic survival of Pakistan. Consensus means opinion, testimony and the majority’s view. Does consensus mean that all four provinces should agree, because this will never happen. If three smaller provinces are ganging up against a majority population province then consensus loses its value. Imagine the Baluchistan population, lesser than that of Lahore standing against KBD construction? If the smaller administrative units are made to lord over the major units, then consensus of 100 per cent population cannot be achieved till doomsday.
It is time that the majority party i.e. PML-N finds a way to achieve the consensus by mutual consultation and sane advice. The approaching financial famine like conditions in Thar and Cholistan observed recently must be an eye opener for our politicians and rulers.
Lahore, May 16.