CHITRAL - Lacing fencing and protecting walls, the suspension bridges situated on Chitral River are in a shambles thus the users of these bridges face permanent ordeal which needs to be redressed immediately.
The bridge at Brep Yarkhun valley was completed after three-year delay. Similarly, the main suspension bridge at Ayun connecting Kalash valley to the district is also in poor condition.
Although a huge amount was released by the Communication and Works Department for maintenance of the bridges but their condition is still very poor as the funds have been misappropriated by the contractors, sources said.
From the suspension bridge at upper Chitral, a student has fallen down in river and died. Some 10 people died at Shogram area in a passenger jeep accident took place on the bridge. Seven people including three brothers died when they vehicle fell down in deep ravine while crossing the bridge.
The brides at Rech valley, Koshum, Sanoghur, Zizdi, Istaro, Shahgram, Zeewargoal and upper Chitral are very dangerous. Situated on Chitral River, bridges have blind turns and vehicles can cross these turns by exercising so many times to go back and ahead. The residents of Chitral have demanded early construction of fencing on both the sides of the bridges and protection wall on road sides linking these bridges.