Peshawar- Mullah Fazlullah , Chief of banned outfit  Tehereek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), called upon the Government , the armed forces and the intelligence agents to akin to the Taliban will have to accept writ of Allah Almighty.
In a video message released by the TTP Chapter of Darra Adam Khel, the TTP chief did not comment over the peace talks with the government . His statement came out at a time when there is a deadlock of peace talks between the government and the Taliban. Talking to BBC, spokesperson of the Taliban in Darra Adam Khel also claimed in the seven minutes video message is a fresh statement of TTP Chief. In the video, Mullah Fazlullah was welcomed by armed militants when he came down from a mountainous area and he recorded his message.
Mullah Fazlullah asked his suicide bombers to be ready against tanks and artilleries of inimical forces. Those who have received this message should disseminate to other suicide bombers who are not in a direct contact. He vowed enforcement of Shariah and to continue his efforts in this regard.