LAHORE -  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak said, “I have no objection over the construction of Kalabagh Dam unless experts convince me that the proposed dam will not submerge two cities of KP.”
Khattak expressed these views while addressing a news conference here on Sunday. He said that result-oriented talks with Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan could be made possible only with the inclusion of local tribes in the dialogue process. He claimed that real change has taken place in KP as the PTI-led government has transformed its election promises into reality.
Khattak said that all the KP ministers have completely abandoned the VIP culture, as none of them move under protocol despite huge security risk. The KP ministers follow the traffic rules like any other citizens of the province, he said adding the KP Assembly passed a large numbers of laws which included the innovative right to information and conflict of interest laws that makes the government really accountable to the public. He said KPK government in the short span of 10 months has provided free medicines facility at public hospitals and created a special fund for the disable and handicapped people.
Khattak said that the police reforms in KP are an example, as the IG Police could make the chief minister accountable. He said that the KP government would soon introduce Ehtisab Bill, which would be different to that of NAB as it would not be influenced by the chief executive.
On the occasion, KP Education Minister Atif Khan said the PTI believed that education was the only way out and the KP government would establish 28,000 schools under Tamer-e-School Programme.
He said that independent monitoring units were being established to check the quality of education at schools. He said that teachers were being hired entirely on the merit through the NTS national testing service. He said that a single curriculum was being made for the schools of the province, while free uniforms and textbooks have already been distributed among the students of the public sector schools.
Health and IT Minister Shahram Tarakai said that the PTI-led government introduced revolutionary health reforms under Sehat Ka Insaf Programme, which has made Peshawar a polio-free zone in the first phase of the drive.
Information Minister Shah Farman said that KP has set an example by utilising this department’s funds for the public welfare instead of promotion of the ministers through advertisement.