KARACHI - The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’ members in Sindh Assembly have warned the federal government to stop ignoring party’s provincial lawmakers in decisions being taken about the Sindh province otherwise they will sit with independent status in the provincial assembly.
The warning came at PML-N’s parliamentary party meeting chaired by its parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly Irfanullah Marwat here on Sunday. The PML-N MPAs also unanimously decided to give a 10-day deadline to the PML-N led federal government to revise its policy of ignoring them.
PML-N Sindh lawmakers also seconded the decisions taken by the federal minister from Sindh Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashdi of PML-F, Murtaza Jatoi, Abdul Hakeem Baloch and Amir Bux Bhutto who also complained that they were not being taken into confidence on policy matters about Sindh province.
“If the party’s federal government continued its policy of ignoring the PML-N’s Sindh MPAs, federal ministers and advisers from Sindh and did not consult them on the decisions being taken about all issues of the province, they will sit in Sindh Assembly with independent status after ten days”, PML-N MPAs warned.
The PML-N MPAs in their parliamentary party’s meeting demanded the federal government to take the elected representatives of the party and its allies in Sindh into confidence about all decisions about Sindh .
According to statement issued by Irfanullah Marwat, the PML-N MPAs believed that the elected representatives of the party and their voters in the Sindh province have serious reservations on the policies of the federal government about the province as they were being neglected by Islamabad in development works and jobs in federal ministries as well as facing problems in education and health issues in their constituencies. The elected representatives of the PML-N are facing pressure from the voters for not providing them share in development works and jobs, the MPAs stated in their meeting.