LAHORE - PTI will not opt for resignations from the Parliament and provincial legislatures while pursuing its anti-government campaign, which is apparently aimed at getting justice against 2013 alleged poll rigging, The Nation has learnt.
A senior PTI leader and member of party’s policy-making forum (core committee) in a chat with this correspondent on Sunday, unveiled the discussions held during core committee meeting concerning anti-government drive and said, “It is a majority opinion of the core committee members that PTI will not opt for resignations from National Assembly and provincial assemblies while pursuing its campaign to get justice against 2013 poll rigging and electoral reforms to ensure transparent conduct of next elections.”
The central PTI leader who requested not to be named at this stage informed that some of the hawks like party’s central president Javed Hashmi were of the opinion that PTI in order to establish its credentials as the real party of the populace should not hesitate from taking extreme measures which include resignations from assemblies if need arises.
He further informed that the core committee members opposing the resignations option confronting party’s senior leader said that coming out the assemblies at any stage of the campaign would prove ‘suicidal’ for the party.
Members opposing the resignations option added that PTI should pursue its political agenda while remaining part of the power, as party can get more support on its side by making Khyber Pukhtunkhawa a model province.
According to PTI senior leader, some of the core committee members said that Mr Hashmi should not suggest the pattern of Shiekh Rasheed who was desperate to go to any limits because of his political isolation.
According to the PTI leader, Rasheed was a ‘lone ranger’.
He informed that Sheikh Rasheed, chief of his own faction of Muslim League, had suggested party Chairman Imran Khan not to shy away from resignations option to lead the anti-government campaign to its logical end.
While, the party chief discussed Rasheed’s proposal in core committee’s meeting, which rejected the proposal with majority except few hawks.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI Vice Chairman, when called, restricting himself to few words, said: PTI, which enjoys the support of major political parties for doing away with the serious issue of poll rigging, can consider all options within the ambit of its Constitutional rights.
He said PTI rivals were trumpeting negative propaganda against tsunami drive over 2013 poll rigging.
Meanwhile, Jamat-e-Islami (JI) which is a coalition partner of the PTI in Khyber Pukhtunkhawa and had announced to support Imran Khan for complete electoral reforms on Sunday also proposed the PTI high command that it should not shy away from tendering resignations if Imran want to become the leader of a larger opposition alliance on the pattern of 1977’s Pakistan National Alliance (PNA).
According to PTI sources, the proposal concerning the resignations option was made by the JI high command belonging to Khyber Pukhtunkhawa, while some senior JI leaders belonging to Punjab politely opposed the idea.