Sheikh Zafar Ali Stadium has become a criminals’ stronghold and animals’ den because of the alleged negligence of district administration.
The stadium is wearing a deserted look. Its main gate is in a shambles while part of the stadium specified for spectators is in a dilapidated condition. Its foundation has shaken to the core and are on the verge of collapse.
A few years back, a huge amount was allocated for the reconstruction of the stadium and the construction of boundary walls but it was left incomplete. The plan was chalked out to build shops outside the stadium. A few shops were built but the entire eastern side is still incomplete. The citizen called upon authorities to allocate funds for the repair work of the stadium.
SCCI FOR AGRI SECTOR UPLIFT: Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Arshad Hussain said that to steer the agriculture sector out of crisis, a commission should be constituted to control the prices of inputs.
He said that commission should consist of agriculture experts, growers and representatives of equipments manufacturers. Talking to newsmen, he said that the agriculture sector was facing severe crisis. He said that India was not only giving huge subsidy to the growers but also providing fertilisers, electricity and equipments at cheaper rates.
He said that if the government reduced taxes on the import of potatoes from India and other countries, it would cause heavy loss to the local growers.