KARACHI : “Treatment of leprosy has been invented and is under clinical experiments and its compound has been derived from a plant, called ‘Gelsemium.’
Pakistani universities must be the centre of researches and discoveries as universities are not the name of beautiful buildings but of creative brains. Without creative brains universities are like vehicles without engines.”
These views were expressed by former Chairman, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Prof. Dr. Attaur Rahman while delivering a lecture on “The Wondrous World of Science”, held at Hamdard University. He said today’s world was the world of inventions, discoveries and knowledge-based economy and to pace with the world Pakistan has to prepare its manpower according to the need of the hour. “Researches had been made on the properties of 2100 medicinal plants and among them 14 such useful compound were found that out of them effective medicines for vector-borne diseases can be made. But western companies were reluctant to invest on them; however we should do that in order to produce useful medicines.