Sir, in a previous editorial you objected to the postponement of Saulat Mirza’s execution because it infringed on the legal safeguard provided in the justice system to the criminals. How could an early hanging have benefited the criminal in any way? Yes it would have benefited his patrons by silencing the man who otherwise could have incriminated them. You appeared to be worried more about the rights of the patrons and less about the right of their victims to have lived a peaceful life.

Now your editorial of April 16 has again come out batting for the criminal and their patrons, you have given a long list of things the Rangers must not do to ensure fair play. What about fair play for the victims of these criminals and their patrons. In the crisis situation that we face in Karachi where many lives are lost daily as a matter of routine, let us worry less about fair play for the criminals and their patrons and more about their victims.


Lahore, April 18.