Steven Gerrard’s long awaited farewell match didn’t go according to his plans, but he was the centre of an extraordinary outburst of emotion, as it was his last home game with Liverpool FC. However, Crystal Palace didn’t allow Stevie G to celebrate his farewell match in happiness as they beat the home team 3-1, and barred Captain Fantastic from making a heroic impact and saving the day for the Anfield fans.  If you look at the whole career of Stevie G, you won’t find it overflowing with trophies but he did single-handedly turn dreams into realities, especially because of his mesmerizing performances against AC Milan in Istanbul, and against West Ham in the FA Cup finals.

The question that arises here is that who will replace Stevie G and his stature as a player, since the benchmarks that he has left are too high to be matched. In my point-of-view, which many Liverpool fans won’t like, he was too good for a team like Liverpool. All the big names – Torres, Alonso, and Mascherano – left the club and won trophies elsewhere.  In the end, only Steven Gerrard was a true legend for his club, and loyalty was the only key for him. As a number of clubs approached him in the different phases, he declined their offers due to the loyalty he had for his boyhood club Liverpool. He was arguably one of the best midfielders of The English generation.

Moving forward: we also saw Barcelona secure their 23rd league title as Messi scored the lone goal in their win against Atletico Madrid. Now if we talk about the Catalan side, it started the season rather slowly and steadily and now its front force MSN is arguably Europe’s best trio which has scored 100 goals combined. Barcelona had four matches – three of which were for titles. Having won one of them, Barcelona are now potential candidates for a treble.

There were a lot of question marks raised at Luis Enrique’s ability to win titles at Barcelona and whether or not he would be set to pick up where Guardiola left. Well in my point-of-view, his best signing was the acquisition of Ivan Rakitic, who is 26 and about to enter his peak years as a midfielder. Rakitic is a powerhouse: he runs runs at length, defends, passes, shoots, assists and scores. This is everything that is expected from a midfielder. A player of his dimension who is good in attack and equally adept in defense is something which Barcelona lacked. The way Barcelona played the second half of the season achieving the treble would be comparatively easy for them.

 Lastly, as a United fan, I would like to shed some light on how important it was for United to regain that Champions League spot. As a fan, it was first time I saw United not playing in the Champions League this year. However Van Gaal has instilled the winning mentality in the lethargic United side, and has rejuvenated the careers of the likes of Young and Fellaini, who, till the last season was about to leave the club. However United still needs two or three players as there are a few areas they need to work on to challenge for the title, next year. And in my point-of-view, we won’t see a squad overhaul but two to three signing in the defense and forward area, to gain an improved success rate in scoring goals, would be fair enough to kick off the next season.