Since the Nawaz government regains power as a result of the May 11, 2013 elections, it has come across tough-as-nail catalogue of whimsical problems in tandem with mounting terror menace putting existential threat to foundation of the country. Well, according high priority to terror-linked issue to be okayed - but condoning problematic areas running into public institutions is just understandable when the architectures of the over-staffing traced in the previous democratic-led government have seized to exist. Whereas the entire developed world holds high regards for their institutions like pillars of the state, a bleak picture of them surfacing here, yet grim chances of revival got to be expected since the government don’t let another door open for the opposition remembered arch rival of 90’s after locking horns with PTI in the battlefield of Punjab at large. It has shut eyes as any ‘hot pursuit’ could untie another ‘beast’ to tear apart rule of the ‘sick lamb’. Resultantly productivity of these institutions gets worsening with each passing day as many symbolically going to be ending up on ventilators. Even, many of the surplus budgetary institutions have been left to run out of finances, trickling down affect on productivity of its employees. The very situation is witnessed in the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) of Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Bahawalpur districts heading to financial crunch after waiving off Rs500-600 examination fee of matric class students studying in public institutions. Given the fact all educational boards are operating autonomous bodies with no dependence on official grant, thus surviving through self-created resources. They now literally get confided to distribute degree certificates to the passing candidates whereas bound to bear all expenditures relegating from cost of examination centres, remuneration to the staff deputed for exam duty and finally paper marking fee combined putting substantial burden over the boards’ finances deposits shortly depleting after restricting to collect exam fee from the matric class students. The management of these educational boards has claimed of having had surplus budget before imposition of the decision. “Currently, we are meeting our daily expenses through interests on bank deposits created in heydays of the past” apprised a BISE officer aguishly as depriving of the perks offered with the salary under critical financial situation crept into the department. Unlike others, departments stuffed with current overstaffing, the BISE Multan is running without new blood under overstated reason, thus overburdening the existing staffers in footprint of private entities, though employed in official terms and conditions.

It’s just baffling that how much it could benefit students just by waiving off nominal fee that otherwise run its working uninterruptedly. The Inside sources of BISC informed that it has been facing ten to fifteen million losses annually, pushing them gradually almost on verge of collapse. Talk is not of six hundred rupees fee or more or less, talk is for how long the government would hide head in sands of real problems got status of routine matter not in educational fields, entire public institutions. The current staffers have been preoccupied with dealing with double or three times more job duty than the prescribed one in the organization. A BISE top official said the department’s revenue was squeezed as compared to Lahore and Gujranwala boards following most of the students here, hailing from public schools with smaller proportion studying in private ones. He said that several a time recommendations are moved to the high-ups concerned, asking to declare Multan immune from the said policy to cope with the financial problems cropping up in the institution. However, nothing could get to happen to rectify the situation.