ISLAMABAD - Besides establishing a 30-bed field hospital, Pakistan has so far dispatched 12 sorties of C-130 aircraft to the quake-hit Nepal with a sizeable quantity of relief goods and medical assistance.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in a report to Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that the air effort should continue till completion of the assigned task by the government. The report mentioned the relief measures including a 30-bed field hospital with 50-members team comprising of doctors including child specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, gynaecologists, anaesthetists, radiologists, paramedics and technicians.

The medical team worked round the clock and treated over 2700 patients and conducted 32 operations. The Nepalese Army Chief also appreciated the work during his visit to the hospital, the report said.

A 38-members Urban Search and Rescue Team with latest equipment, ground penetrating radars, concrete cutters and other rescue equipment were immediately sent and worked at five sites and rescued trapped people.

Out of 3,000 tents, 1849 have been transported along with 15 shelters, 1000 blankets, three tons of food, 0.5 tons of lentils, 12.5 tons of medicines, 3024 litres of water, besides rice and tarpaulin shelters.

The NDMA plans to transport the remaining 1151 tents, 29,250 tarpaulin shelters and 18 tons of rice with the assistance of Pakistan Air force in the coming days. An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude devastated Nepal on April 25 that was followed by a series of after-shocks including a major one of 7.3 magnitudes on May 12. Around 8,462 deaths have been reported while 20,000 reported injured, 489,000 homes destroyed and another 260,000 damaged.

On the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, a very proactive stance was adopted by Pakistan from day one.

Pakistan responded within 19 hours of the incident by sending two aircraft of Pakistan Air Force carrying a field hospital and an Urban Search and Rescue Team with latest rescue equipment.

Pakistan was amongst the first few countries to have sent a 30-bed field hospital to the earthquake-affected areas.

The Chairman NDMA, on the direction of the Prime Minister also accompanied one of the relief flights to Nepal and met the Nepalese Army Chief and Foreign Minister to express solidarity with the people of Nepal. He assured them of Pakistan’s continued support in these difficult times.

The Nepalese government officials were very appreciative of Pakistan’s efforts and expressed their gratitude, the report adds.

The Pakistan Air Force also ferried to Nepal seven Nepalese doctors studying at King Edward University free of charge as a goodwill gesture.

The NDMA also acknowledged the excellent joint collaboration between the National Disaster Management Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force.