LAHORE - The rates of essential kitchen items particularly the pulses and tea have increased ahead of the holy month of Ramazan but the provincial government, which is regularly highlighting its performance through continuous ads campaign to control inflation, has failed to show its writ, as official price list is being implemented nowhere in open markets of the provincial capital.

A survey conducted by The Nation, revealed that the government has been successful to enforce the significant cut in edible oil and ghee prices but shopkeepers are openly violating the government price list regarding prices of pulses, beef, mutton, lose milk and yogurt, feeling free to charge any price with their own will. Though the lists were seen displayed almost at every shop yet these were rarely being implemented.

The rates of other essential kitchen items remained stable during the last couple of weeks but pulses and tea prices have increased.

The rate of different brands of ghee have went down, as Tallo rate was down to Rs147 from Rs152, Mezan rate was down to Rs144 from Rs155, Habib rate was down to Rs157 from Rs182 and Dalda rate was down to Rs159 from Rs184. Price of flour bag of 20 kg decreased to Rs725 from Rs785 and flour bag of 10 kg rate was dropped to Rs365 from Rs385 at Utility stores. The rate of tea of 200 gram was increased to Rs140 from Rs110 and of 100 gram it was up to Rs62 from Rs51.  It was observed increase in entire range of pulses from Rs10-25 per kg in the open market as well as on utility stores. Moong, Masoor, Maash and Gram are being sold in the range of Rs80 per kg to Rs200 per kg.

Maash is being sold at Rs200 per kg after an increase of Rs25 per kg, Moong price registered increase of Rs11 per kg and being sold at Rs180 per kg, gram pulse is being sold at Rs80 after increase of Rs15 per kg and beans at Rs 90-120 per kg after registering of Rs12 per kg.

According to the list, officially gram pulse rate has been fixed at Rs60/kg but its actual rate is being implemented in market in the range of Rs80-90/kg; Mash pulse (washed) rate is fixed at Rs140 but available at Rs200/kg; black chana is fixed at Rs60/kg but being sold at Rs80/kg; white chana is fixed at Rs65 but selling at Rs100/kg; Besan fixed at Rs65/kg but selling at Rs85/kg, Masoor Pulse fixed at Rs108/kg but selling at Rs140/kg; Moong pulse official rate is at Rs140/kg but selling at Rs180/kg, sugar rate is fixed at Rs54/kg but selling at Rs60/kg; yogurt rate is fixed at Rs65/kg but selling at Rs80/kg; Mutton rate is fixed at Rs500/kg but not available below Rs720/kg and beef rate is fixed at Rs250/kg but selling at Rs400/kg.