LAHORE - A rape victim on Monday appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action against the culprits and give them an exemplary punishment.

Azra, a widow of Phool Nagar area of District Kasur, said Rana Abdullah and Rana Usman, close relatives of Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal, raped her daughter Saba, 16, some 20 days ago.

Helpless Azra along with her ill-fated daughter reached Lahore Press Club and talked to the reporters on Monday evening.

Azra said Phool Nagar police had lodged FIR No 172/15 under section 376 of the PPC but were not arresting the culprits as they belonged to ‘influential’ family.

“Now the culprits are demanding the victim family to withdraw the case and threatening them of dire consequences,” said Azra with tears in her eyes. She has left with no other option but to appeal to the CJP and the authorities concerned for justice.

She said her husband died some years back and she worked as maid to win bread for her family. On April 28, 2015, Azra said, she was admitted at a local hospital for stomach problem and her only daughter was her attendant there. She said Saba went to buy medicine for her to a nearby market. When Saba came out of the hospital Usman and Abdullah took her to a nearby house and raped her, Azra added.

She said that she belonged to a poor family and had no relatives to standby her against this brutality.

KANJU SUMMONED: A special anti-terrorism court Monday summoned by May 22 Mustafa Kanju, son of former minister for foreign affairs Siddique Kanju, and his four accomplices allegedly involved in killing Zain, an orphan boy, and injuring Hussain, a laborer, in cantonment area.

The police submitted challan of the case declaring Kanju and his guards including Ikram Ullah, Asif, Saad and Sadiq guilty of the said crime. On it, the judge summoned all of them for framing charges and distribution of copies among them.

Previously, police had informed the court that they have recovered a Kalashnikov from accused party's possession.

Kanju and his accomplices allegedly killed Zain, 16-year old orphan boy and left his left his friend Hussain, 18, injured in Cantonment area. Police registered case against him and others under under 7-ATA and Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.