A friend of my brother’s was shot with 45 others, I was mourning for the dead until someone pointed out that the victims belonged to the ‘Ismaili community’. This brought hysterics on, who cares if they were Agha Khanis? Why is this even a topic of discussion? We lost about fifty precious, innocent, human lives, yet our main concern is labeling the deceased? Men create these differences on principle and devaluing human life is it really that hard to understand that behind all these labels we are all human beings that stand equal in terms of integrity, respect and the very right to live? If not then let’s not mourn for the Ismaili community but the entire human race because today minority rights were not violated, human rights were; in fact, I believe, we wouldn’t even need to fight for and protect minority rights or rights of women if only we could embrace and respect basic human rights!


Karachi, May 13.