A:     I see so much corruption in Pakistan. It is the biggest problem that the country is facing, and needs to be completely removed from the systems for the country to prosper.

S:     Well although I agree that corruption is a big menace, there are bigger monsters out there that need to be dealt with.

A:     Like?

S:     The ideological roots of this country. Terrorism. The rise of sectarian fundamentalism in the name of Islam. These issues affect the very core of Pakistan’s existence, while you are busy calling politicians corrupt at every opportunity you get.

A:     The politicians are the most corrupt out of all the different types of people in power. They’d sell themselves for anything. Wipe them out and bring a fresh party in power that claims to bring rightful change, only then can a Naya Pakistan be formed that isn’t corrupt.

S:     So, you think that an honest leadership can rid the country of its existential crisis?

A:     Well we are talking about corruption and not the identity or existential crisis at the moment

S:     Do not shy away buddy, only a visionary leadership can handle the plethora of problems we have pushed ourselves into. It is our misfortune that we don’t have any such leader or a party on the current scene which understands the beast and has the courage to hold it by the horns and break its neck.

A:     Well I still believe root cause of all the ills which ail our society are corrupt practices and not perpetual terrorism.