It’s hard to measure a life. Are you loved? Are you contributing meaningfully to society? Are you able to learn from your mistakes, to feed your family, to take time to appreciate the fleeting and beautiful and awesome nature that is our brief tenure in the fleshy plane of existence? On Monday morning, for a few short minutes, some very excited denizens of the digital space known as Twitter had a very concrete way of knowing THEY MATTERED: President Barack Obama joined Twitter, and everyone had more followers than him. For a few brief seconds, we all mattered as much as the most powerful man on Earth.

Happy 30 seconds of importance, everyone on Twitter!

Courtesy: W

for about 2 1/2 minutes, i had more twitter followers than the President @POTUS

— Joe Perticone (@Joe_Perticone) May 18, 2015 ">ired