WAZIRABAD-The teachers of Workers’ Welfare Board (WWB) of the Punjab Social Security Department boycotted classes and took out a protest rally against decision of reduction in house rent and conveyance allowance by the Punjab Labour Secretary.

They were carrying placards, inscribed with slogans, came on road and raised slogans, rejecting the decision of reduction in the salary.  They said that Teachers of Workers’ Welfare Board (WWB) were already facing hostile attitude of the high ups and deprived of pension, GP funds and now facing a new deprivation of reduction in the head of house rent and conveyance allowance.

They said that the schools were driven by the Federal government where as anti-employees policies came from the Punjab Labour Secretary. Such policies were not in practice in rest of the provinces whereas efficiency of Workers’ Welfare Schools of Punjab was much better than others, they added.

They said that As a result of reduction in house rent and conveyance allowance each employee would have to bear loss of Rs5,000 to 6,000 in their salaries.

The protestor teachers demanded of the government to withdraw of new advice.