News published in most of the newspapers of Pakistan on 6th April was that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) of Pakistan had rejected the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women Protection Bill on the grounds of being ‘un-Islamic’. A bill of this nature for women’s protection earlier was passed by the Punjab provincial assembly, which has been and is still under strong criticism from a sizable section of the nation. Both the bills of both of the provinces do need reconsideration, and reevaluation. However, it would be easier for the KP’s assembly now to amend it in the light of the CII’s criticism, and advice. This is what the Punjab provincial assembly failed to do, and hence the bill has become controversial, and now a strong political resistance, particularly from the religio-political parties, is being shown against it.

Both the provincial governments should amend the Women Protection bills to be palatable to the whole nation. Women are as good humans are men, and as good Muslims are men. Islam has given rights to both women, and men; if both of the sides are ensured those rights, the rights, on which all maslaks of the religion are one, the whole hue and cry would end. Do we hand over women their rights of property, and inheritance as enshrined in Islam? How many us Muslims have done that? No objection to grant of true rights to women, but we object to those ‘rights’ that women have been granted in India and most European, and Western countries, where the old women are in most cases a thrown-out used tissue.


Charsadda, April 6.