ISLAMABAD - The prices of Re-Liquefied Natural Gas at CNG station throughout Punjab zone will be increased by Rs4.10 per kg from today (Thursday).

Due to increase in Crude Oil prices in international market, the CNG prices in all over Punjab zone will be increased from today (Thursday).

As a result of the new announced increase the prices of Re-Liquefied Natural Gas at CNG stations throughout Punjab zone will be enhanced to Rs45 per litre from the current Rs41.90 per kg. The new prices will be applicable to the RLNG-based CNG stations located in the Islamabad Capital Territory and Punjab.

It pertinent to mention that on March 1 also the price of CNG in Punjab was reduced to Rs47.20 per kg from Rs55.40. Similarly in mid March the RLNG-based CNG stations have reduced the prices by another Rs5.30 per kg from Rs47.20 per kg to Rs41.90 per kg. According to the All Pakistan CNG Association Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has starting charging the enhanced prices for the RLNG from May 1 and now they have no option but to pass the burden to their consumers.

Out of the total 3,495 CNG stations in Pakistan, 2,400 were located in Punjab zone but after intensification of gas crisis in 2014 gas supply to CNG stations of Punjab was suspended but the supply was partially restored in June 2015 under new rules. The restoration of gas supply to CNG station in Punjab is made possible through the imported RLNG.

According to new policy, the RLNG will be provided to those CNG stations that furnish additional deposits of Rs1.2 million. So far 950 CNG stations in Punjab zone have been converted into RLNG and hopefully the number will increase soon.