Like many other humble students of law and political science, several times in a day either I have to read or I have to hear the phrase Rule of law. This phrase offers a unique music to my mind and ears but when I try to reflect upon those principles which ensure the ‘rule of law such as all should be treated equally by the law and should obey the law, The law should be fair, so that people and authorities are willing to be ruled by it, Laws should be clearly expressed and in general terms, Laws should be stable and not change frequently, Law-making should be guided by open and clear rules, Judiciary should be independent and free of influence by government, Natural justice should be observed, The courts should be easily accessible and crime-preventing agencies must not change the law, then I often get disturbed because I fail to find many of the above –mentioned principles missing or misinterpreted in our society. 

Ours is an unjust society where those who operate the system their feelings are notoriously shaped by this unjust society. Had there been any sort of rule of law in this country, retired lot would not have been repeatedly rehired and these dunce headed do nothing but make all humanly possible efforts to oppose administrative justice and other types of justice in the organization and in the society and above all harbor venomous feelings those who are confident, competent, fully alive, and corruption and bias-free. 


Islamabad, April 5.