Rawalpindi-A banker accused judge of an accountability court of kidnapping him with help of police and unknown men and subjecting him to inhuman torture besides giving him electric shocks in a house located in limits of Police Station Westridge, police said on Saturday.

Police added that the victim mentioned that the kidnappers threw him outside his house after he went unconscious due to brutal torture.

The victim was moved to Holy Family Hospital for treatment while the occurrence of incident had also been mentioned in daily crime register, police said.

According to police, a man Tayyab Shabbir lodged a complaint with PS Pirwadhai officials stating that he left his house at 9am on May 18 for his office. The victim said that as he reached near Graveyard Number 36, two vehicles including a police mobile van intercepted him and a cop stepped down from the van. “The cop approached me and introduced himself as Khawar and asked me to come with him to Police Station. Upon my questioning, the cop started beating me and bundled me into the van and took to a house owned by Tariq near Army Public School at Westridge,” the applicant said.

Police said that Tayyab further revealed that a group of men including Tariq, Khuram, Talha, Khawar, Abu Zar and Shaukat, armed with sticks, leather belts and iron punch pounced and beaten him black and blue. Police said that the victim also said that the men stripped him naked and given him severe electric shocks.

“I was asked by the attackers to spit on ground and to suck it,” Tayyab wrote in the application. “Tariq also tried to put his private body parts into my mouth and when I refused, they tortured me more and I got unconscious,” police quoted the applicant as saying. Later, the attackers threw me outside my house and fled, the victim stated. Tayyab asked police to register case against kidnappers and to arrest them.

Police began investigation after mentioning the occurrence of the incident in daily crime register.

SHO Pirwadhai Raja Rashid, when contacted, confirmed the incident. He said that Tayyab accused the Accountability Court Number 3 Judge Tariq Zargham and 5 others of kidnapping and torturing him on suspicion of having illicit relations with the judge’s wife. He said that the investigators inspected the place pointed out by Tayyab but found no clue in support of allegations of the applicant. He said that he also met with the judge who also denied the allegations levelled against him by Tayyab.

The SHO said that doctors had conducted medical examination of the victim and kept the medical report under observation. Police would file a case against the accused after issuance of medical report by the doctors, said SHO Raja Rashid.